Why I started Fight Against Abuse

Lots of women and children are being abused in some way or the other in every part of the world. I personally feel that the percentage of women and children being abused is on an increase. In India every day on news we all get to hear about cases relating to rape, molestation, eve teasing, dowry death, harassment etc. We all have to work to stop this evil menace.

Keeping all this in mind , I have created Fight Against Abuse Cause ( FAAC )   on Facebook and @fight_abuse on Twitter because I wanted to create awareness about the trauma faced women and children who are being abused. I would like to work with women and children who are being abused and help them over come the trauma they have gone through or may still be going through .I would like to make this my career option as this cause is very close to my heart and I personally feel that enough is not being done to help these victims of abuse.

Even when I am facing discouragement and resistance from some individuals I will not give up till I succeed. If anyone who is interested in being a part of this cause is free to join us to make the fight stronger. Please feel free to leave a story you have read or heard, an experience you have gone through in your life or any sort of information you would like to share regarding the subject.

I have created an e-mail id for this cause feel drop me a line. Email: fightagainstabuse2010@gmail.com


5 thoughts on “Why I started Fight Against Abuse

  1. Never was interested in all these. Though now I feel like getting involved in this noble cause. Best wishes Sahiba.

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